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How Digital Transformation Consultants add value to your Business

Why do companies need to engage digital transformation experts. What value does digital transformation consultants bring to table?

The coming decade will be the age of digital enterprise were each organisation will have to adopt digital in all facets of their business and become digital enterprise. Else they will loose their relevance in front of their customers and move to oblivion.

In the words of Jeff Immelt, Former CEO of GE, an Industrial company can overnight become software & analytics firms, stresses the importance of digital transformation irrespective of type, size of the industry.

However today, no organization have all the necessary in house talent/expertise to become digital enterprise. Large companies have the option to engage large/botique consulting firms as they have budget to engage and drive digital transformation.What about Small and Medium Enterprise that dont have internal team as well as large budgets. They can go on with business as usual and perish or they can choose to take an innovative approach to engage independent digital transformation experts through consulting platforms. Platforms like nicheBrains have curated digital transformation experts who can work on-demand for any need of digital transformation. Our Digital transformation consultants with customers on the following areas

Digital Transformation Readiness Assessment

Becoming Digital Enterprise is a multi-year journey. Digital Transformation Expert starts with a systematic approach to evaluate the current state of digitalization and what needs to be done to move towards a digital enterprise. He takes problems to be solved approach instead technology-based solution approach. He will also be analyzing the current structures, processes and how to fit they are against the company’s overall goals. He will recommend key insights on the readiness of the company for digital transformation. Engage the consultant for a short-term Workshop to provoke your thinking, getting to understand the ground reality on the need for digital transformation in your organization.

Digital Transformation Consultant

Digital transformation consultant helps on three areas

  1. Planning, setting up, and Executing digital transformation initiatives

  2. Strategies to help the users understand the need for change, with specific objectives and timelines. Help organizations adapting to new business model changes effortlessly

  3. Help Organization create new sources of value for their clients and increase revenue and decrease costs.

Digital Strategy Consultants

Digital Strategy Consultant helps organization to think the big picture of their vision, industry changes, technology trends and visualize the idea of the firm in the coming years. They help to formulate new strategies to leverage digital technologies to improve business performance, enhance competitive advantage leveraging technologies, create new possibilities to enter a new market, launch new products and business models leveraging digital technologies.

Digitalization Experts

Digitalization experts analyse current business processes to understand inputs and outcomes and optimize the whole processes leveraging digital technologies either through a customized solution or off-the-shelf solution to achieve the objectives faster, better and cheaper. The goal will be to increase the business efficiency, responding to client needs faster, and improving the stakeholder’s satisfaction across the company.

Digital Business Models

Digitizing the business model is a growing need and an important element to become a digital enterprise. Digital Business Model consultant helps to lead the process of digitizing the business model. They will analyse the different ways that digital technologies can improve the business, including the way you acquire customers, and the services/products you offer. They can help to create a solution to reach to a new set of customers, markets through digital technologies. For example, utilizing social media adverts to acquire customers, and providing services in a digital format, if possible.

Digital Mavens

Digital Mavens are the leading and top-notch digital transformation consultants who can help to create exponential growth through launching new products, business models faster for your business. They come with a track record of successfully transforming the traditional business into a digital enterprise. Their priority is to ensure you are getting value from your digital marketing campaigns, and that the user experience is optimized. They will report on the success of digital marketing campaigns so that you know which are bringing in results. The Digital Mavens are an important part of the business for growing your customer base and ensuring users have an enjoyable digital experience.

Recent Projects Executed

Formulating Digital Strategy for Trading and Exports company

Understanding digital readiness, road map for next 5 years leveraging digital technologies and digital strategy formulation to become new age digital enterprise

Decrease Costs of Production through Digitalisation of Shopfloor

Connecting Man & Machines , work allocation by interfacing backend business applications to mobile devices inside the shop floor to drive down total cost of production

Create online branding and Marketing for Industrial Chemicals Company

Creating new brand positioning , increasing demand generation through online, SEO and Social media marketing

and many more

How it works

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