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  • When can I access the contract screen?
    Once yousubmit the proposal, customer must initialize contract for you to access contract document.
  • What is an elevator pitch, and how can I create one for myself?
    An elevator pitch is a concise statement highlighting your unique value proposition, skillsets, and tangible results for previous clients. It appears on your Portfolio Card and inside your portfolio, serving as a powerful tool to grab customers' attention and showcase the value you can create for them. An ideal elevator pitch should not exceed 150 characters. You can use existing templates on the platform or create an effective elevator pitch of your own. Pro Tip: Use the following template to get started: "As a [domain name] expert, I help [adjective] companies achieve [defined and tangible goals] using [your top skill1, skill2]".
  • When can I withdraw a proposal? 
    You can withdraw your proposal at any time before it is accepted by the customer.
  • What is engagement fee? 
    Based on your engagement model, you get to quote a fee for the project. The amount you quote is added to the nicheBrains facilitation fee. The final total is known as engagement fee.
  • What are Projects and Offerings?
    "Projects" showcase your previous projects for other customers, while "Offerings" represent your service catalog or the value offerings you provide to customers. These tabs on your portfolio page differentiate between previous projects and the services you offer.
  • What does a portfolio ideally consist of?
    A portfolio on the nicheBrains platform includes the following, Portfolio Card: Provides a sneak peek into your elevator pitch, industry experience, skillsets, photo, and portfolio title. Elevator Pitch: Concisely communicates your unique value proposition, skills, and previous project results. Projects and Offerings: Highlights your previous projects and value offerings for customers. Credentials: Elaborates on your work experience, education, and certifications. Thought Leadership: Establishes your thought leadership in specific skillsets through blogs, case studies, and use cases.
  • Where will I receive the call details?
    Once the customer reviews and approves your pitch, they will schedule a call with you. You will receive a notification via email.
  • Why should I create a portfolio?
    Creating a portfolio is essential for experts to demonstrate their value and establish themselves as reputable brands within their respective domains. We believe that an expert's capabilities extend far beyond their CV, as their experiences speak volumes about their expertise. By showcasing your capabilities through a portfolio, you can fulfill multiple roles and effectively highlight your skills.
  • What is the difference between engagement fee and estimated expense?
    Engagement fee is the total fee you charge for the whole project. On the other hand, the total estimated expense is only submitted when the project is an on-sight or hybrid one. In the estimated fee, you need to give the breakdown of the expenses that may occur throughout your engagement.
  • Can I delete a portfolio?
    Yes, you can delete portfolios you have created by clicking the "Delete" button located in the top right corner of your Portfolio Card. However, it is mandatory for every expert to have at least one portfolio on the platform.
  • Can I reschedule a call set up by the customer? 
    Yes, you can accept, reject or re-schedule a call set up by the customer. By simply clicking on the “re-schedule call” button, you can choose the time and date that you are comfortable with and schedule a call.
  • How do I create and submit a pitch? 
    When you click on ‘Interested’ button on any project, you will get to add your pitch, relevant skills, and your education details. After finishing adding all the information, click on submit. Congratulations! You have successfully submitted your pitch to the customer. Please allow the customer to ask for a proposal or to propose a call.
  • How can I access calls through project workspace?
    On the workspace chat window, you can find “calls icon” present below the chat feature. Click on it to access the call details window.
  • How many portfolios can I create at once?
    Depending on your expertise and industry experience, you can create multiple portfolios on the platform to showcase your diverse skillsets and capabilities. However, the platform allows you to add two portfolios for free. Add more portfolios by referring nicheBrains to more experts!
  • Can I withdraw a contract once I submit it to the customer?
    If you wish to withdraw a contract submitted to the customer, you must contact nicheBrains helpdesk.
  • How can I hide my portfolio from customers?
    To show or hide a portfolio from customers, use the visibility button located in the bottom right corner of the Portfolio Card within a specific portfolio.
  • What is a pitch? 
    A pitch is a powerful way for you to introduce the customer as response to a project requirement.  You can give a summary of the top 3 key experiences, including accomplishments with a list of relevant skills and a cover letter as to why you are a good fit for the project. 
  • Why should I add a profile video?
    Including videos in your portfolio enhances your profile and provides potential clients with a comprehensive understanding of your expertise. Videos increase your credibility and allow customers to get to know you better, increasing the likelihood of project opportunities.
  • What is an "Expert Portfolio"?
    An "Expert Portfolio" is a prominent feature on the nicheBrains platform designed to help our experts showcase their expertise to MSMEs. It goes beyond traditional business cards and CVs, offering a digital asset in the form of a Portfolio Card. This card highlights an expert's value proposition, skillset, and industry experience. Experts can utilize the Portfolio Card not only on nicheBrains but also on other platforms like social media.
  • How do I submit a proposal? 
    When the customer requests for proposal, you will have access to create a proposal for the project using the proposal wizard. Add all the relevant details and submit.
  • Where can I view project status?
    Once you navigate to deliverables screen from the workspace chat window, you can view status of the deliverables on the cards.
  • What should a profile video consist of?
    We encourage experts to use profile videos to highlight their unique value proposition, industry experience, skillset, and results achieved. To ensure clarity and conciseness, it's recommended to keep the video under 60 seconds. Pro Tip: Record a video delivering your elevator pitch based on nicheBrains madlib, covering crucial aspects of your unique value proposition.
  • What is total estimated expense? 
    In projects that need on-sight or hybrid engagements, you need to submit the estimated expenses of the travel, stay and all the other expenses that may occur in the time of the engagement. You need to give an estimated expense along with supporting document with proper breakdown in the proposal.
  • What is engagement model?
    Engagementmodel refers to the time units and expert fee proposed to the customer. An expert can choose to work on hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or project basis. The engagement fee is calculated based on the engagement model that you choose.
  • How can I download my Portfolio Card?
    To download your Portfolio Card as an image, use the "Download" button located at the bottom of the card within your portfolio. It allows you to save the card to your device storage.
  • What is a proposal? 
    Proposal is a detailed description of how you approach a project. Proposal is the second step after submitting the pitch. A typical proposal consists of a clear objective, deliverables, engagement model, fees, terms, and conditions.
  • How does creating a portfolio help me find good projects?
    The Expert Portfolio feature enables you to create different avatars, each highlighting specific skillsets. Customers can review your portfolio to gain insights into your track record, achievements, and the impact you have had on businesses. By showcasing your value creation and skillset, you increase your chances of securing projects that allow you to reach your full potential.
  • What is a proposal? 
    Proposal is a detailed description of how you approach a project. Proposal is the second step after submitting the pitch. A typical proposal consists of a clear objective, deliverables, engagement model, fees, terms, and conditions.
  • Can I edit my contract once it is signed?
    No, you can only make further changes to the document once it is in the project workspace.
  • How can I update deliverables through project workspace?
    Standard deliverable from the proposal will be defaulted to the deliverables screen. If you wish to add a manual deliverable, you can simply click on the “add icon present on the top right side of the deliverables screen.
  • Can I initiate a contract with multiple experts for the same project? 
    No, you can only initiate a contract with a single expert for one project.
  • Can I request more changes in the proposal that is submitted by the expert? 
    Yes, you can either accept, reject, or ask for more information using the buttons given below the proposal box. You can initiate the contract process only if you come to an agreement with all the terms.
  • When can I view the Project Agreement page?  
    On the left bottom of the contract page, click on ‘View Agreement’ button to access the project agreement page.
  • Can I ask more than one expert to submit proposals? 
    Yes, you can ask and review proposals from more than one expert for a particular project, but you can only finalize one proposal to contract stage.
  • Where will I receive the scheduled call details?
    You will receive a mail that consists of meeting invite and details of the meeting. You will also be notified about the call twice before the call (24 hours and 1 hour).
  • How can I manage calls through the project workspace?  
    Once you schedule a call from the project workspace, an email with all the call details will be sent to you and the expert. A reminder with the call link will also be sent to you in the chat box.
  • How to schedule a call with an expert?
    When you click on experts applied icon on the projects card, you can view the list of Experts that have applied to that specific project. Here, you will find an option to schedule a call with the Expert or Decline the Expert. Once you schedule a call with the expert at a convenient time, the expert has an option to accept/decline/rescheduled. If the call is rescheduled, you can again choose an appropriate time. Login >> Projects >> List of Projects >> Experts applied >> Schedule a call
  • Where can I find a proposal submitted by an expert? 
    You will receive an email that the expert has submitted a proposal, you can click on see more button and go to the proposal tab to review proposal.
  • How can I create and post a project on the platform? 
    To post your first project on niche Brains, please register and login as a customer. You can click on the projects tab on the left menu, to view all the projects that have been posted along with a card to add a new project. Login >> Profile >> Project >> Projects List
  • How will I know when an expert submits a deliverable? 
    As soon as the expert updates a new deliverable, you will receive a notification via an email along with a reminder on the workspace.
  • What is a project workspace? 
    Project workspace is a place where you can communicate, get delivered on specific outputs, receive and upload invoices, get notified on payments and extend the contract.
  • Can I decline a contract once I sign the document? 
    To decline a contact after signing it, please reach out to the nicheBrains helpdesk.
  • Can I decline a proposal once I initialize the contract? 
    Any proposal can bedeclined until both the parties sign the contract. However, if you wish to decline a proposal already signed by the other party, please reach out to the nicheBrains helpdesk.
  • Where can I view list portfolios by experts?
    After logging in as a customer, you can click on the portfolios tab of left menu bar. That will take to you to a list of expert portfolios along with list of projects and list of projects and list of offerings by Experts. Login >> Portfolios >> Expert portfolios / Expert offerings / Expert projects.
  • How can I access deliverables from the project workspace screen? 
    You can access deliverables from the action buttons present below the chat box.
  • When can I schedule the first call with the expert? 
    You can reach out to an expert on call after you receive the proposal. Calls can be scheduled with all the experts who have sent you a proposal.
  • What happens once I accept the deliverables? 
    After deliverables are accepted, project status changes to completed, payments are processed. The Expert will no longer have Edit access to the project workspace.
  • What is a proposal?
    Proposal is a detailed description of how the expert approaches your project. Proposal is the second step after submitting the pitch. A typical proposal consists of a clear objective, deliverables, engagement model, fees, terms and conditions.
  • Who will be notified about my project? 
    Global experts who have registered on niche Brains, who have years of experience in various industries will be able to go through your project. You will be matched with the best suited expert according to your project needs.
  • What is a contract? 
    Contract is the next step before you get into project execution. A contract consists of information defaulted from the proposal screen along with authorized signatory, delivery terms and a button to review project agreement and Terms & conditions.
  • Can I decline/reject a deliverable that I receive? 
    No, you can only accept deliverable or ask for more information. However, you can let the expert know the changes you need through ‘Ask for More Information’ button.
  • How can I filter portfolio to find preferred expert?
    You can filter the portfolios / projects / offerings by clicking on the filter button on the right top corner of the page, you can filter the cards either by skill / industry or by word and find the right expert. Login >> Portfolios >> Expert portfolios / Expert offerings / Expert projects >> Filter
  • What is a pitch?
    Pitch is the initial note of interest submitted by the expert after looking at your project. This includes the preliminary information such as expert details and a rough plan on how the experts want to achieve the outcomes you mentioned in your project. You can either go ahead and ask for a proposal or reject the pitch.
  • Can I schedule a call with multiple experts? 
    Yes, you can schedule a call with multiple experts.
  • Where can I access the chat feature on the platform? 
    Once you finish a call with an expert, you can visit the call history tab. You will also find an edit box where you can start using the chat feature.
  • Where can I access the contract document? 
    Once the contract is initialized, the ‘contract tab’ will be enabled for you. You can find the contract document and all the relevant details there.
  • What is project execution?  
    Project execution is the main stage in the engagement between you and the expert. After finalising the contracting process. The project execution begins. This is the stage where agreed deliverables are delivered, payments are made, and deadlines are met.
  • What do I get in the assessment summary?
    Your assessment summary consists of the score given to you based on responses you provide, and the transformation level of your business.
  • How can dTAS help my business grow?
    Digital transformation is not a choice anymore. It is important for every business to find the gaps and take necessary actions to make their businesses future proof. Unlike the billion-dollar companies, MSMEs do not have access to the large consulting firms to assess the digital readiness of their businesses. This is exactly where dTAS can help your businesses. The assessment consists of questions based on various key parameters. It not only provides an understanding of your current state, but also comes up with crucial suggestions, insights, and resources for your business to grow.
  • What are the four dimensions of dTAS?
    The dTAS consists of four dimensions with a set of multiple-choice questions in each one of them. They are as follows, Strategy and Leadership This dimension focuses on the need for businesses to transform digitally. It measures aspects such as understanding of external environment and business performance, leadership readiness and importance of digital transformation. Operations and Marketing Digital transformation of operations and marketing assesses the functional readiness and the level of digital transformation of aspects like Shop floor, Supply Chain, and Marketing. Technology Adoption/Landscape Understanding technology and its impact on business is the key to a successful digital transformation. This dimension assesses how the organizations leverage technology for the growth of business. This includes business applications, cloud, cyber security, etc. Capability and Team This dimension focuses on the skills and capabilities of the team. It assesses the team’s readiness to adapt to newer technologies.
  • How can I access insights and resources ?
    After submitting your responses, you will be taken to the results page. You can select ‘Insights and Resources’ tab from the tabs available. You can also click on ‘Insights and Resources’ button from the summary tab.
  • What is dTAS?
    Digital Transformation Advisory Solution (dTAS) is a dynamic tool developed by nicheBrains to assist SMEs in assessing the digital readiness of your business. You will be given four sets of multiple-choice questions, each set not taking more than 3 to 5 minutes to answer. Through your responses, dTAS provides different insights, resources, assessments to help you understand the current state of your business.
  • What are the four levels of transformation?
    Strategic This level denotes the active level of digital efforts in the organization. Siloed This level denotes digital adoption happening only in small pockets in the organization. The level of understanding about digital transformation among the team is also considered incredibly low. Legacy This level denotes that the business is burdened by their legacy and the understanding of the newer trends is extremely low. Future ready Businesses with dedicated teams for digital strategies and operations are said to be in the ‘Future Ready’ level. Businesses in this level will have digital transformation as the way of their business.
  • How can I take the dTAS assessment for my business?
    If you are a registered customer with nicheBrains, you can find the dTAS button inside the top right menu bar, below the profile. Click on dTAS button and follow the onscreen instructions to complete the assessment.
  • How do I write a blog?
    To write a blog, navigate to the "Thought Leadership" section on the left menu bar and click on "Write a Blog." This will allow you to create and publish your blog, showcasing your expertise and insights in a specific industry or field.
  • Can I include images or files in my blog or question?
    Absolutely. You can enhance your blogs by adding relevant images or files that support and strengthen your arguments or opinions.
  • Is it possible to delete a published blog or question?
    Yes, you can delete any of your previously published blogs or questions on nicheBrains. You will receive an email notification containing a copy of your blog or question for your future reference.
  • Can I edit a published blog or question?
    Yes, you have the option to edit any previously published blogs or questions on nicheBrains. This allows you to refine and update your content as needed.
  • Can I share my blogs or questions on other social media platforms?
    Yes, we encourage experts to share their blogs and discussions on other social media platforms. This allows you to showcase your expertise to a wider audience and further establish your thought leadership in the industry.
  • What is thought leadership?
    Thought leadership is the position of being an authoritative and influential voice within a specific industry or field. It involves showcasing expertise and knowledge through blogs and industry-related discussions on the nicheBrains platform.
  • Who can contribute to thought leadership on nicheBrains?
    Both registered experts and customers on the nicheBrains platform can contribute to thought leadership by writing blogs and asking industry-related questions. Blogs and questions can be viewed and answered by all registered users on the platform.
  • Why is establishing thought leadership important in the nicheBrains platform?
    Establishing thought leadership on nicheBrains is vital for building credibility, expanding professional networks, and advancing one's career. It positions experts as industry leaders, attracts opportunities, and contributes to the growth of their respective fields.
  • How can I interact with experts/customers through insights?
    The "Insights" section provides an opportunity to engage with fellow experts and potential customers on nicheBrains. You can participate in discussions by answering questions and commenting on blogs. This fosters connections within the nicheBrains community and provides you an opportunity to network with more experts and customers.
  • What are insights?
    "Insights" refer to the thought leadership shared by other experts and customers on the nicheBrains platform. Within your thought leadership page, the "Insights" tab enables you to view, respond, and interact with other experts' blogs and questions.
  • Can I share insights on other social media platforms?
    Yes, you can share your blogs and discussions on other social media platforms to promote ongoing community discussions on nicheBrains and showcase your expertise to a wider audience.
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