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A journey towards nicheBrains


nicheBrains, as an idea has its genesis almost 3 years ago in one of those brainstorming sessions between the co-founders of the company. We have been in the consulting business for a long time and understand that the traditional way of consulting has not changed for many years. “What else can we do?” That was the question thrown onto the table. Though it took some time, when it came out, nicheBrains seemed the perfect answer for that question. We decided to leverage technology and build a modern consulting platform which can empower the Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) by bringing the best of freelance industry experts onto one platform. 


Digital transformation is going to propel the future of MSMEs. nicheBrains aims to connect MSMEs with industry experts to accelerate their growth and transformation. We empower MSMEs with the ability to choose industry experts who are relevant to their initiatives, for a short burst of time, and to work towards specific deliverable outcomes. For industry veterans who are looking for challenging engagements with flexibility, nicheBrains provides unlimited and consistent opportunities where they can utilize their fullest potential and get paid as per their expertise. Through nicheBrains, they engage in goal-driven, stimulating, and flexible initiatives every day.

Meet the Team 

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

We are always proud of our dynamic bunch of team members. Curious, passionate and innovative, these people bring great new ideas onto the table propelling the organization forward. Check them out for yourself. 

Nitin Mishra, Director
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Nitin Mishra



Modern Consulting Platform 

nicheBrains connects MSMEs to global industry experts to achieve accelerated growth through digital transformation.

Through nicheBrains MSMEs and experts will be working in short burst, on-demand, and outcome focused engagements. We make every engagement flexible, hassle-free, and strategic for every stakeholder. 

Freelance expert group working towards Digital Transformation
Democratizing Digital Transformation


Democratising Digital Transformation 

nicheBrains aims to revolutionize consulting in India through empowered MSMEs and strong ecosystems of industry experts. Our vision is to carve a future that looks bright and successful for all the MSMEs in India to leverage the greatest business opportunities that the digital era provides. 

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