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Experts community of top digital talent

Joining nicheBrains network means working with some of the top SMEs as per your terms. You can have the opportunity to be part of a fast growing community of digital experts by participating in sharing thought leadership, seminars and networking events.

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Why you should join the nicheBrains network

Unlimited Business Opportunity

You will be matched with unlimited opportunities to help you get more work and earn more revenue

Work Flexibility

When, how and how much you work is entirely up to you, leaving you free to take extended time off or to work from home.

Strength-Based Project Matching

Experts Community

Based on your skills, experience and industry, you will be matched to customers that meets your expertise through our curated matching algorithm

nicheBrains community of curated experts have varied expertise and it provides an opportunity to build relationships and network with the largest community of independent experts around the world.

Hassle Free Payment

Faster payment cycle as soon as the work is completed and the customer accepts your solution, your amount is transferred to you within 5 working days.

Get Noticed As Thought Leader

Share your ideas, tools, experiences, best practices. Become the Thought leader for your target Customers

How it works


Login and Create Profile

Register, login and create a wonderful profile of yourself. Create a profile video and give all information about your skills, experience, success stories.

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Secure Easy Payment

Once engagement is delivered and customer accepts the solution, you payment is credited to you in 5 working days through our secure payment system

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Connect to Customer

Based on your expertise and pricing, you will be matched to customer requirements through our curated matching algorithm.

Remote Team Meeting


We Charge a Service Fee

We charge a nominal service fee on your entire engagement and the balance is credited to your chosen payment account

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Deliver Engagement

Once connected to customer, deliver the engagement from micro consulting to project execution through the platform.

Video Call
Meeting Between Colleagues

We position you based on your strength to help you get new and more business

Fill in all details for your profile and we can help you find the right  business opportunities.

Becoming Experts

Become a member of the nichebrains network and get access to  SMEs and exciting projects.

You are a freelance expert or boutique consulting firm in the area of Digital Transformation

You have atleast 5+ years of experience as a business/technology consultant or consulting firm, especially working with pharma or engineering parts/components/machinery manufacturing companies

You have executed atleast 2 projects on Digital Transformation in any one of the areas of Marketing & Sales, Supply Chain (up/down stream), Inventory, Warehouse and Logistics, Operations/Shop Floor

Step by Step process


Fill out an application



Attend a screening call with one of our Consultant Relations Managers

Receive project invitations and engage with our community

Some of our Experts


Sanjeev Pahuja

Business Consultant

24 years’ experience in Automotive retail, local and global, Global Expansion, Change Management


Ashish Mehra

Digital Sales & GTM

 Artificial Intelligence, Industry 4.0, Internet of Things, Strategy Planning, Business Development


Chirag Warty

Digital Strategy and Marketing

Digital Strategy, Digital Transformation, Employer Branding, Brand Creation and Management



Digital Marketing Consultant

Internet of Things, Mobile Strategy

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