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Amazon did it again!

Updated: Jul 2

On the occasion of World MSME Day, the e-commerce giant “Amazon” introduced an innovative approach to enhance the experience. “The first step in starting an online business – that of registering and onboarding – is often the most daunting for small businesses who are new to e-commerce. By simplifying the registration process, we look forward to more Indian entrepreneurs, armed with no more than a mobile device and GSTIN, seizing the opportunity to sell online.” - Amit Nanda, Director of Selling Partner Services, Amazon India

To simplify the onboarding process, Businesses are now required to register mobile numbers and provide their business's GSTIN details on Amazon. This initiative incorporates a machine learning-driven auto-fill function, removing the need for manual data entry during registration. This feature not only pre-fills crucial information but also suggests brand names, shipping preferences, and other options, offering manufacturers an efficient entry into e-commerce while accessing insights, fulfilment services, and building customer trust for rapid expansion. This approach aims to simplify registration, attract Tier-2 and 3 city vendors, and reduce incomplete sign-ups due to limited technological skills. Currently, 65% of '' businesses are from smaller towns. This initiative by Amazon empowers MSMEs by simplifying onboarding, enabling access to digital markets, and fostering growth opportunities.


nicheBrains is a consulting platform that aims to make digital transformation easy for MSMEs through expert consultations, while also offering freelance industry experts many growth opportunities.

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