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Quality Management

Boost your supplier's SOTD and quality with our "Supplier Performance Booster." Tackle quality and delivery issues head-on. 

Key Benefits: 

  • Collaborate with supply chain experts. 

  • Optimize resource costs and avoid air courier expenses. 

  • Minimize component rejects and PPM ratios. 

Price Range: 

3 – 4 L / Month 


1 – 2+ years (160 hrs/month) 

Enhance your supplier relationship. Contact us for a smoother supply chain and higher quality components. 

ERP Evaluation & Selection

Choose the perfect ERP for your business with our "ERP Fit Assessment." Avoid costly mistakes and optimize your ERP selection. 

Key Benefits: 

  • Expert team evaluation. 

  • Business process alignment with ERPs. 

  • Receive a holistic assessment report. 

Price Range: 

2.5 – 4 L 


2 – 3 months (Outcome Report Based) 

Select the ERP that's right for you.

Contact us for a seamless ERP implementation and stay ahead of the competition. 

Lean Six Sigma

Drive a 20% reduction in operational costs with our "Cost-Efficiency Accelerator." Our local PhD expert in Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma Master Black Belt will not just provide recommendations but also implement them. 

Key Benefits: 

  • Collaborate with an expert Lean Six Sigma Master. 

  • Identify and eliminate 30-40 hours of wastage in your assembly line. 

  • Witness a direct impact on your production cost reduction. 

Price Range: 

1.5 – 3 L  


15 – 20 days (Onsite work) 

Optimize your manufacturing processes. Contact us to achieve significant cost savings and enhance your bottom line. 

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Our Experts.

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