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Streamlining Efficiency – Lean Six Sigma Implementation at Multi-Therm

Client Profile

Multi-Therm, a prominent manufacturing company, faced a critical challenge in reducing their operational costs. The target was set at a 20% cost reduction, focusing particularly on their assembly lines. Among these, the multi-therm assembly line was identified as a key area with a potential 20-25% reduction in process time.


Despite previous attempts with various experts, Multi-Therm struggled to achieve the desired efficiency improvements. Moreover, they required not just a theoretical report but actionable implementation to achieve tangible results.


As a seasoned content specialist with 15+ years of experience, our approach was to bring in a local expert with a PhD in Lean Manufacturing and a Six Sigma Master Black Belt certification. The expert's initial task was a comprehensive analysis of the multi-therm assembly line to identify inefficiencies and time wastages.

Analysis Phase

Over the first week, the expert meticulously examined the assembly line, pinpointing gaps and areas of time wastage. The findings were compiled into a detailed report revealing 30 to 40 hours of reducible time in the current 160-hour process.

Presentation and Strategy Development

The expert presented these insights to Multi-Therm’s management and leadership team. The presentation delineated specific departments and challenges, mapping out a strategy to cut down the identified wasteful hours.

Implementation Phase

The subsequent week involved hands-on collaboration with various departmental teams. The expert worked closely with them to implement changes, overseeing an entire cycle of assembly line production to ensure effective application of the new strategies.


The implementation led to a remarkable reduction of 30 to 40 hours in the production line process time. This efficiency gain translated into a significant reduction in production costs, aligning with the client’s initial target of operational cost reduction.

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