What is nicheBrains?

1) nicheBrains helps leaders of small and medium enteprises to find and engaged independent industry experts to solve thier critical business challenges.

2) nicheBrains platform helps independent consutlants access unlimited and high quality business opportunities at Small and medium enterprises to partners, providing the best of the brains to partner and solve the most complex business challenges on-demand.


3) How does nicheBrains help experts thrive?


4) Access to unlimited business opportunties across different industries,clients and geographies. Experts will have the ability to flexbily choose the work they want to takeup.


5) Engagement Process from new Opportunities to contract and execution are managed through the platform. Experts are guided through the entire experience of persuing new opportunties,proposal handling and contrating through the platform.


6) Payments and other adminitrative work is handled through the platform


7) Establish Thought leadership for the target clients who matter to experts.