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Currently, the key business goal of nicheBrains is to get experts access more projects based on interactions with various SME leaders. We're keen on engagement with experts filling up a service catalog i.e., a list preconfigured services previously worked upon by Experts. Lakshmi Moorthy, the CEO of nicheBrains encourages all the Experts registered on the platform to complete their profile specifically with respect to the service catalog. Our team will be happy to assist.

We're releasing a major platform update in the last week of September. The platform will now be capable of hosting activities from Project posting to signing the engagement contract. We're looking forward to many other exciting features that will now be a part of the platform.

We have about 700+ experts with diverse experience registered on our platform and curated. Our objective will be to provide tools and resources to help them gain unlimited business opportunities in the coming months. Experts can experience the Independence and Flexibility of Consulting through the nicheBrains' platform.

On the nicheBrains platform, Experts create a pitch when applying to a specific project, in order for the Leaders of SMEs to connect with the right experts. Pitching helps Experts communicate their value proposition to target SMEs to help them win more deals. This feature is available for all the experts registered on the platform. The "Pitch" feature shall be available on the platform from September end, follow nicheBrains for the latest updates.

Become an Expert with nicheBrains today.

We've hosted the fourth Episode of the Webinar series "Join John" conducted by John Vincent. It's a short 40 mins session chat with Experts/SME Leaders that will be held every 4 weeks. Our fourth Episode was on August 30th with Mr. Venkat Krishna on "Achieving Success with Industry 4.0 Digital Transformation".

Venkat has been Delivering digital transformation: IoT - Edge data integration, Workflow automation & Analytics for manufacturing companies, specializing in extraction of data streams from process value streams.

He's the founder & CEO of PQSI Digital, that has been delivering success in Industry 4.0 - Digital Transformation solutions for 40+ manufacturing value streams and implemented platforms for 25+ locations across machine shop, heat treatment, foundry, ceramics, abrasives, press shop, tyre, automotive sub assembly, automotive engine assembly, fabrication and more. PQSI Digital has built master data frameworks, data models, statistical process control, analytics, workflow automation, OEE with IoT, Telemetry, MT Connect and SSOT dashboards.

Join John episode 4 was extremely informative and relevant to any organization undergoing its Digital Transformation journey. We hope to bring forward many more exciting episodes with may distinguished Business Leaders and Experts as guests.

The Road Ahead

We continue to make progress on acquiring new project initiatives in the field of digital transformation. Digital transformation is a buzzword and nicheBrains aims to make digital transformation accessible and affordable to SMEs. Should you have news to share or authored an article or delivered a talk or participated in a panel discussion related to digital transformation and would wish us to cover the same, feel free to write to us on

Team nicheBrains wishes you all a very Successful Financial Year!!!

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