Build a Great Profile

One of the important part of a great profile is value creation for the your customers. You are not your CV! Your experience, skills and knowledge can be put to wonderful use in many areas.

Clients shortlist your profile based on how you express yourself as to how you can create value for the Client listed project. Hence, it is important for an expert to fill in service catalogs.(We recommend you to fill at least 1-2 service catalogs to increase the chances for an expert to choose you).

Steps to fill a service catalog:

Screenshot (14).png


  • Title-Objective of project

  • select the project Category.

  • Add your skills.

  • Choose the industry type.

Screenshot (15).png


  • Mention the key steps and process.

  • Give the required team size.

Screenshot (16).png


  • Mention about the requirement of client support( only if required).

  • Mention in detail about the expected outcome by the end of the project.

Screenshot (17).png


  • Give the detailed time period of the project.

  • Choose the currency of your choice

  • Mention the maximum budget required for the project in give time(depends on the customer and the project).

  • Mention key remarks(if any).

*The above images are used to give a gist of sample catalog,fill in the catalog accordingly.